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The best holiday homes for a fairy-tale Valentine's Day

Looking for a thoughtful way to surprise your significant other? Plan a romantic Valentine's Day getaway and be part of an intimate experience to reignite the passion of your relationship. Spending quality time with your loved one is one of the fundamentals of maintaining a healthy relationship, and what better day to surprise them than on the universal day of love? Here are some special Valentine's Day destinations — private and perfect for a lovely evening out with your partner. To guarantee the smoothest and most fairy-tale-like experience, book your stay in one of the cosy Belvilla holiday cottages. Memorable holidays and comfortable stays go hand in hand, and we at Belvilla pride ourselves on providing the most relaxing,and luxurious accommodations.


Spend your Valentine's Day at Parc National des Calanques

With its postcard-perfect turquoise waters and picturesque cliffside trails, we definitely understand why the Parc national des Calanques is the perfect spot for a Valentine's Day weekend away. The park's most distinguishing feature is its Calanques — the 12-mile long steep limestone cliffs and coves that border the coast of the Mediterranean. At the base of these Calanques, you'll find stunning, turquoise channels of water creating secluded mini beaches and river-like creeks for kayaking and other water sports. Take one of the park's romantic hikes leading you to the most beautiful and scenic Calanques and surround yourself with panoramic views. Enjoy the solitude of nature and wilderness with your partner, and make the memories permanent by indulging in some photography. A luxurious and cosy Belvilla holiday cottage awaits you to make the perfect end to your Valentine's Day. Plan your Valentine's Day getaway today, and choose a Belvilla holiday home from the variety of over 4,000 accommodations all over Europe — all ideal locations and with attractive pricing.

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A midday Valentine's Day picnic at Dartmoor

The unique beauty of Dartmoor is a must-see for all nature lovers, and when enjoyed with a loved one, the experience iwill be even better. With incredible, picturesque views, step into a scenery out of a Lord of the Rings movie and marvel at the heather-strewn moorlands, wooded valleys and bubbling rivers. This Valentine's Day, pack a picnic, climb a Dartmoor tor, and enjoy a tasty bite with your significant other as you gaze over panoramic views. You can even indulge in a fun-filled guided walk with a Llama — a popular attraction for visitors in Dartmoor! End the love-filled day with a bottle of wine underneath Dartmoor's clear, starry night sky, and recall the day's events in fromt of the fireplace at your lovely Belvilla holiday cottage. Browse through our wide range of locations and select a beautiful Belvilla holiday cottage near Dartmoor for the most memorable Valentine's Day.

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A golden-lit sunset Valentine's Day winery tour

Imagine gazing over rows of sun-lit grape-bearing vines as you sip wine with your loved one and bask in the golden sunset. Make this dream a reality and book a trip to one of magical Majorca's vineyards. The island contains many winery tours and tasting experiences with numerous vineyards and a variety of restaurants. Majorca's vineyards and wineries produce some of Spain's top wines which aren't exported to the UK due to high demand, so it's something new and exciting to try on Valentine's Day! To make this experience extra special, book an alfresco wine-tasting experience and wash it down with local bread and Mahon cheese. For the cherry on top, book a lavish meal at a restaurant located at a prime location followed by star-gazing in Majorca's stunning wine region. Take a bottle of wine back to your lovely Belvilla holiday cottage to enjoy in peace and privacy, and conclude your Valentine's Day in loving privacy. Belvilla offers a variety of accommodations — more than 40,000-holiday homes all over Europe — in ideal locations and with attractive pricing. And you'll be sure to find a luxury dream villa according to your liking and budget near a gorgeous Majorca vineyard.

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Valentine's Day stroll at Palermo Botanical Gardens

Celebrate this Valentine's Day surrounded by exotic, tropical plants in an enormous outdoor museum with your sweetheart. Plan a trip to Palermo's botanical gardens and take an afternoon stroll down the many pathways of the massive 10-hectare garden. Because of Palermo's favourable climate, the Botanical Gardens have become a point of reference for other large gardens around Northern Europe. Marvel at the 12,000 different species of plants and be sure to take some photos of the intricate architectural structures. The garden is divided into sections and buildings that house plants for different temperates. It also has its very own aquarium, home to a variety of stunning aquatic flora. Visitors are often struck by the expanse, splendour and beauty of the gardens, making it the perfect destination for a romantic Valentine's Day excursion. Plan your visit to Palermo's Botanical Garden and book your stay in a nearby, convenient Belvilla holiday home — an assurance of comfort, luxury and relaxation. Make this Valentine's Day the best, and book with Belvilla today.

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Frequently Asked Questions about a romantic Valentine's Day getaway
When's the best time to book a Belvilla holiday home for Valentine's Day?

We recommend booking your Belvilla holiday home a few weeks or months prior to your Valentine's Day plans. During such holidays, reservations run out fast, and to avoid disappointments or complications, we advise booking your stay as soon as possible. The calendar on the accommodation page shows exactly when the holiday home can be booked. Most holiday homes can be booked for both the current and the subsequent year. In exceptional cases, a holiday home can be booked on the day of departure, provided payment is received immediately

Can I customize my stay for Valentine's Day?

At Belvilla, we try to cater to all our client's needs and requests. If you have any specific requests for your holiday home, we recommend speaking about it well beforehand with the homeowner to avoid any difficulties.

Are Belvilla's holiday home facilities and amenities customisable?

Yes, you can customise and select your holiday home requirements and the features you want to include by ticking the boxes on the left side of our website's landing page.

What type of holiday homes does Belvilla have?

Belvilla boasts a wide selection of holiday homes, differing in facilities, locations and even heritage. You can browse through the different categories and choose your stay according to your preference and budget.

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