While the COVID pandemic was one of the biggest health catastrophes of recent decades, some good has come of it. Working remotely has become an accepted trend. Many people are now taking it to the next level by swapping their home remote work environments for Belvilla holiday home environments abroad in Europe, and why not? As long as you have a reliable internet connection, your physical location is pretty much irrelevant.

Many businesses now appreciate the benefits that can come from allowing their employees to work remotely. It means that their running costs can be lowered. less lighting, heating, air conditioning, and even smaller working premises with lower rents.

It also means that the workforce is more relaxed and less stressed. There is no need for the daily commute, and you can be on hand for family needs. A more relaxed workforce is also usually more efficient, so businesses win too.

Workationing official or unofficially

Working as it suits you
Working as it suits you

Many companies are now advocating workation and have created their own rules for this, which of course can differ from company to company. Some companies allow up to three months of work per year, while others do without an office altogether.

Some companies have the rule that employees may not be further away than, for example, 4 hours from the nearest company branch. In addition, there are often rules on time zones so that joint meetings with all team members are possible and, of course, a good internet connection must be guaranteed.

In principle, however, the company might also have to clarify some labour law issues that vary from country to country: such as questions about social security, taxes, health insurance, etc. But this tends to be more for prolonged stays, not just the week or fortnight. Many people go workationing unofficially without even telling their employers.

Working on your terms for a short while

Working as you like it
Working as you like it

Instead of being tied to a desk at work, staring at four blank walls, you can enjoy the surroundings of one of the many delightful Belvilla holiday homes that are ideal for your workation needs. Instead of being stuck in the office, you could be surrounded by gorgeous views.

You can go boating, cycling, hiking, sightseeing, skiing – wherever takes your fancy, given the time of year and the location of your Belvilla holiday home workation accommodation. If you work flexi-hours, you can change the agenda around. You can take time off during the day for leisure activities with the family and catch up with your work commitments in the evening.

Many people are now forgoing their traditional vacation plans and instead go on workation. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Belvilla holiday homes in Austria perfect for workationing

Gorgeous skill chalet with free internet
Gorgeous skill chalet with free internet

If you were thinking of missing out on your Austrian skiing holiday due to pressure of work, why not workation at a beautiful Belvilla mountain cottage in Austria near the slopes? Most slopes have night-time lighting, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, getting hour work done and getting in some skiing leisure time.

Belvilla holiday homes in France perfect for workationing

The view from your workstation
The view from your workstation

Perhaps you were looking forward to holidaying in France, sampling the local cuisine, and visiting wineries and vineyards, but couldn’t find the time? Well, you can make that time by booking a beautiful Belvilla holiday home with a study and internet for a French workation stay. There are many to choose from, so why not live the dream?

Belvilla holiday homes in Croatia perfect for workationing

Idea for group workationing
Idea for group workationing

Were you planning to holiday in Croatia but struggling with your work commitments? Why not Workation in Dubrovnik? This Belvilla holiday home is the perfect answer. There is free Wi-Fi for all your work needs, and you are smack bang in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

You even have your own private terrace if you want to work looking out over a sublime view. Not only that but there is also a supermarket 700 metres away, and you are 100 metres from the beach. A dream workation location.

Belvilla holiday home workation properties throughout Europe

With over 35,000 Belvilla holiday homes spread across Europe from which to choose, you are certain to find something to suit your workation needs.

Workation tripping also means you can holiday out of season unless, of course, you have kids in school. If kids aren’t a concern, you can book some great Belvilla holiday homes at attractive off-season prices or book a last-minute stay.

One of the few good things to come from the COVID pandemic is that it has created an acceptance of working from home that only a few companies had before. This gives many employees the opportunity to do their home office from abroad or a holiday home.

The one good thing to come from the pandemic

Here at Belvilla, we’ve seen an increase in bookings for workations, particularly in the off-season, as larger homes are available at good prices that offer guests separate rooms for their temporary home office. In this way, both partners can have their own work area that is not the living room, as is often the case at home,” according to Danijel Nikolic, Managing Director Belvilla by OYO in Austria.

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